SealSkinz FAQs

Are SealSkinz products made from seals?

No! Our brand name was created many years ago to demonstrate the best protection qualities of a seal - 100% waterproof. There is no other connection with seals but we do use other animal derived products like Merino wool* and leather. *See our anti-mulesing policy

Will my feet feel sweaty in the socks?

No, they shouldn’t. The membrane is breathable and the inner liner will ‘wick’ away the moisture, to help with the clammy feeling.

How long will they last?

As with any other piece of your outdoor clothing, if cared for in the right way they could last for years. How long they last does depend on how often you wear them. If you wear them every day then they will not last as long as if you wear them monthly.

Will they keep my feet warm?

The main battle when outside is keeping your enthusiasm up and focused on the task in hand. To do that, keeping dry is key. If you are dry then you will feel warmer and as some of SealSkinz products are made using a Merino Wool liner, cold feet, head and hands will be the last of your worries!

Do they ever let water in?

The answer to this is yes they could, as there is a hole in the top where you put your foot or hand! If water gets over the top of the sock or glove, by being submerged in water for example, or in a torrential downpour, it could trickle down inside, but your SealSkinz would still be breathable.

How could they be damaged?

As our products use a waterproof membrane you should look after them and wear appropriate footwear when outside at all times since stones and sharp objects could puncture the membrane making them no longer waterproof. Gloves can also have their membrane punctured by sharp objects such as thorns or brambles, so due care is required. Basically, if you look after them, they will look after you throughout your activities!

How do they reduce blisters?

SealSkinz socks will reduce the chance of blistering as they stop your feet from getting wet and wick away the perspiration, preventing your skin from becoming soft and far more vulnerable to sore feet and blisters.

How does the membrane work?

The membrane is a polyurethane membrane. It is a solid layer and therefore does not allow water droplets to come through. This means it is totally waterproof. In waterproof tests the membrane exceeds 700cms hydrostatic head - 7 times greater than the level required to meet European Standards for waterproof clothing. Basically, your SealSkinz products will keep you very dry!

Are they windproof?

Where there is a waterproof membrane in the products they are all totally windproof as well, allowing you to concentrate on your time outside and whatever the weather throws at you.

Are the products guaranteed?

We guarantee all our products to be 100% waterproof when leaving the factory, as every single sock and lots of our gloves are pressure tested for waterproofness prior to despatch. Should you have a problem with the range at any time we will gladly take them back and put them through our testing procedures. If there is a manufacturing defect then we will replace the items for you.

How are they waterproof?

They are waterproof because of a unique 3-layer seamless construction, which is made of an outer, a waterproof, highly breathable membrane and an inner lining, which also makes you mud proof!

Why is the company called SealSkinz?

The SealSkinz brand was purchased from Dupont in 1998. This brand has wide international recognition, making us a key apparel brand for all outside activities.

How do I wash them?

The majority of the SealSkinz range are designed to be machine washed, but at no higher temperature than 40°C. However some products need a lower temperature so please refer to the care instructions on the individual products.

How long do they take to dry?

If you turn them inside out they should dry overnight in a warm room or airing cupboard, just remember not to put them directly on to radiators! The heavier weight socks, such as the Thick Mid Length or Trekking Sock, may take longer due to the thickness of the product.

If I'm in between sizes what should I buy?

Our socks come in small (shoes size 3-5), medium (6-8), large (9-11) and x-large (12-14). Therefore if you are in between sizes we would recommend that you go up a sock size, i.e. if you are an 8.5, then buy a large pair.

What do I do if there is a problem with the socks?

The products are all tested for waterproofness during manufacture. For this reason we ask that all “faulty” products are returned to us for testing. All goods found to have a manufacturing fault will be replaced free of charge.

When should I wear liner socks/gloves?

The liner socks and gloves are designed to be worn when you need extra thermal protection. The liner sock is designed to be worn under any of our socks as required and can help to improve the padding and of course the thermal qualities. The liner glove is designed to be worn under any of our waterproof gloves and will help improve thermal performance if required.

What length do the socks come in?

Our socks come in a wide range of lengths, from below the ankle to the knee. The length is shown on the product guide descriptors, by a code 1 to 5, 1 being the shortest and 5 the longest.

What is the fit of our socks like?

The close fitting socks will fit comfortably, just like a normal sock in your shoes.


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