I'm a London cycle courier, which means I'm out in all weathers, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and it would be no exaggeration to say that Sealskinz socks and gloves have changed my life. I used to dread rainy days - now they're almost a pleasure. The first day I wore Sealskinz socks I rode around in the pouring rain all afternoon with a massive grin, listening to the 'squelch squelch squelch' of my shoes, and marvelling that my feet were still warm and cosy and dry. As I've told many people, Sealskinz clothing can be the difference between going home in tears because you can't take the pain of frozen fingers any more, and working for 10 hours with a smile on your face. My job is extremely hard on kit, and even some top-of-the-range cycle clothing has ended up in shreds after a few weeks on the courier circuit. I'm pleased to report that not only are Sealskinz socks and gloves completely waterproof - they're also extremely durable, and have stood up to day after day of rain, over many months of hard labour. I'm sure other couriers will agree that Sealskinz kit is worth every penny, and means we can enjoy our job all year round.

Emily Chappell - London

I have just bought my first pair of sealskinz ultra grip 100%water proof gloves (KJ751). I was very sceptical about them, absolutely convinced that there was no way they could possibly be 100% waterproof!! I work with horses, my hands are always in water, washing buckets, carrying soaking wet hay nets and riding in all weather. I was sick of getting wet gloves and then cold wet hands. I can honestly say these are the best things I have ever bought. I can wear my gloves all day and my hands stay COMPLETELY dry!!! I have recommended these to everyone. A truly outstanding and essential item for anyone who works with horses!! Thank you x

Emma Watson - Newcastle upon Tyne

The lodges around me have been frozen so in order to fish I have to break the ice. When removing the ice from my swim I had to put my hands in the freezing water. I had recently heard about SealSkinz so had bought a pair to use. As I put my hands in the water I felt some of the cold but none of the wet. When I removed my hands they began to feel warm again. These gloves are perfect for fishing as putting your hands in the water is part of the sport and wearing a pair of 100% waterproof gloves is exactly what I needed. I have found that I can wear them when fixing a hook onto the line as they are not big and bulky. Great invention!

Daniel Holleran - Bury, Manchester

These are the greatest gloves I've ever purchased. I am an avid fisherman and I have never been able to find a pair of gloves that were completely waterproof and comfortable to wear. I cannot stand wet hands! Well the sealskinz ultra grip black glove is the answer! I can honestly say that these gloves keep my hands totally dry. I find myself using them for general use around my house as well. Taking the dogs out in the rain, tossing their wet fetch toys and just working around the house in the rain. Absolutely outstanding product! Very happy with my purchase. Several family members have purchased a pair since seeing mine. My brother says they are fantastic when riding his motorcycle and encountering rain. THANKS a million

Michael Hochman - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Socks - what a great product!. We use them when working on the beach at Scarborough - I help run the longest family run donkey concession there. I bought the socks from my local Millets - worth every penny. Comfortable feet whatever the weather - great with wellies - normally the coldest footwear - not now!

John Hall - Scarborough Donkeys

Timing is everything. After three trips ice fishing this year, I am in the same quandary as past years, what to do about my cold hands? As a lifetime member of North American Fishing Club and field tester, I received some SealSkinz waterproof gloves and waterproof socks just before Christmas. Immediately upon opening the package I tried the gloves on. Surprisingly they fit great and were not thick at all. Being skeptical reading that they were waterproof and so thin, I put my hands in a bucket of water and made fists to stretch them and moved my hands all around. Huh, I could feel the outside of the gloves were wet, but my fingers were not cold and stayed 100% dry! I have to say these gloves are an absolute necessity for ice fishermen

Mike Giamportone - United States

If you keep horses you tend to buy lots of things that you really don't need. However every now and then you buy a little gem. These gloves and socks are quite probably the best equine purchases I

Myles Donnelly - Dublin

Well, here I am back from my adventures on Baffin Island. Thanks for the socks (Mid Thermal Merinos), they had a hard time out there! They worked extremely well, and kept my feet dry at all time whilst in my boots. I didn't find them the warmest pair of socks that I have ever worn, but they did give me a great deal of confidence when working in damp conditions. After suffering frostbite, damp feet are dangerous due to the freezing problems which can easily occur when either you stop climbing for the day, of when you are sitting around stuck in storm conditions. The socks kept me perfectly dry and proved an ideal piece of equipment for me to use.

Nigel Vardy

Without my sealskinz gloves I would be unable to continue working with horses which I have done for over 40 years. They fit perfectly and are a good support for my arthritic hands. Because of this I am able muck out 14 large stables every day. Thank you Sealskinz!

Sandra Slatter - Oxfordshire, UK

I use my sealskinnz as hunting gloves when duck hunting in the marshes in Central California. They are excellent for this purpose and keep my hands warm in a very moist environment. Thanks for a great product.

Scott Hooten - San Diego California, United States
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