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There are a few of us in the 4x4 extreme challenge event driving comps wearing Sealskinz socks. Co-drivers can end up waist deep in mud and water and the driver is not always safe and the water can end up over the seats. But we always have warm dry feet. Just wish I had found them years ago... My 11 year old son has just got a pair as well and won't take them off he even tested them in the bath just to make sure they where water proof

Bruce Gould - Isle Of Wight

Bought my first pair in November last year for a military career course in Wales. I wore them non-stop and they kept up with everything the course and the great Welsh weather could throw at me. Great piece of kit for on patrol or stag!

Iain Rose

Found out about SealSkinz through a pal when we went mountain biking, but they're even more use when going to music festivals - Glastonbury and T in the Park - suddenly mud isn't the threat to my weekend that it used to be. Excellent product, can't believe how effective and comfortable they were

Phil Rimmer - Edinburg

I bought the Merino sock primarily for cycling but I wear them on very wet days as insurance in case the golf shoes don't stand up to the weather. One very chilly morning in January i was playing with a mate, I hit my ball into a shallow stream that surrounded the green. The stream was ankle deep, so I tucked my trousers into my Sealskinz and stood bang in the stream. From there I managed to shoot (well fluked!) out of the water and onto the green, save par and not one drop of water or chill touched my feet! If only Jean Van Der Velde had a pair, the history of the Open could have been so different! So well done on a great product that has plenty of uses, in my sporting life

Garrett Murphy - Twickenham

As the Ultimate Referee for MXS, a 26 hour paintball scenario company in the US, I have brutalized your waterproof socks in some of the worst imaginable conditions! From sloppy Georgia red clay, to snow covered fields in Pennsylvania and Illinois, to ankle deep muck in California, Texas and Kansas. Your socks have kept my feet dry and warm. I'm amazed at the durability and comfort these products supply. In the adverse conditions I have to encounter across the US, these socks are definitely a life saver and as such, have become a permanent part of my equipment. I've had mine for 3 seasons now. Ref Tested Tuff! 'Nuff said!

Bobby Gogolin - Houston, Texas USA