Our products are made from a variety of technical materials, tailored to suit the end purpose of the product. We currently use the following materials.


Finer than traditional wool with tiny overlapping scales that case each fibre, these scales are hydrophobic (water repellent). Inside it’s a different story, the fibre core is hydrophilic (highly absorbent).

Merino is therefore a wicking fibre and can absorb and release 10 times more moisture than synthetics. Each fibre can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy or wet to the touch. In our socks and gloves, the moisture is then wicked through the membrane to keep you feeling warm and dry.

Merino wool has the ability to absorb and release moisture to cool or warm, regulating temperature. It also has excellent anti-microbial properties, helping reduce odour build up inside your socks or gloves.

Anti-Mulesing Policy

SealSkinz operate a strict anti-mulesing policy and have done so for the last few years. The Merino wool content used to make the components comes from a number of different sources controlled by the knitting factories. To the best of our knowledge and belief, these knitted components contain merino wool sourced from sheep which are not subjected to mulesing.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team




Specially engineered fibre from INVISTA™ which transports perspiration away from the skin towards the waterproof, breathable membrane. The uniquely shaped fibres provide great breathability, even when wet, helping you to stay dry in all conditions.

In moisture management and breathability tests versus competition, Coolmax® is proven to have the fastest drying rate, the quickest and most efficient movement of moisture away from the skin and the best breathability.

Even cotton, which absorbs and retains 14 times more moisture than polypropylene, does not wick moisture away from the skin like Coolmax®.




Originally developed under contract for the United States Army as a replacement for down because down absorbs water and loses its insulating properties when wet.

Primaloft’s® unique composition was patented and the product line was expanded to meet the specific needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

The lightweight and soft Primaloft® insulation core creates millions of air spaces suspended in the microfibre mesh.

Even when forced into the Primaloft® core, water is repelled and not absorbed by the patented microfibre structure, so Primaloft® keeps you warm, even in the wet.


An advanced technology from DuPont™ that combines high strength with low weight and comfort with protection.

Products made with Kevlar® range from protective apparel and sports equipment to automotive parts and ropes used on the Mars Pathfinder.

Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis yet at the same time, it is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. This unique combination of attributes enables it to provide excellent cut, abrasion and tear resistance.




Engineered to provide superior abrasion properties, while reducing water uptake.

One of the highest abrasion suedes on the market today, AX Suede Quattro 8 palm can withstand the constant friction of a multitude of activities.

This suede also resists water uptake making it less moisture absorbent, improving the control you have.




ONLY JOKING… But it may surprise you to learn we do get asked on occasion if we use any part of a seal in the manufacture of our socks. We are pleased to be able to announce that no seals are harmed in the making of our products and no part of a seal is used in the manufacture of any of our products.