Thermal Ratings

Each of our products carries a thermal guide enabling you to make an informed decision on the best product for your activity.

How you feel in the cold is always subjective and dependant on activity, as such you should always go by your personal operating temperature to the final choice of product.

These ratings are designed as a guide, and also show where they sit against other products in the sealskinz range.


Thermal rating 1 - Lightweight protection for hot and wet climates


Thermal rating 3 - The perfect balance of warmth and breathability


Thermal rating 5 - Heavy-duty protection for cold climates




Thermal ratings 4 and 5 are for those times when you know you are going to expose yourself to extremes in temperature and push yourself to the limit. These gloves will help you endure the bitternes of mother nature.

Look out for the following swingtag image on the site or in-store:This exciting technology can be found on a number of our gloves including:

  • Performance Thermal Cycle Glove
  • Extreme cold weather glove
  • Winter Riding Glove