About Sealskinz

“Necessity – the mother of invention.” Sealskinz is a creation of necessity, it’s about the need to be first out and last in, the need to defy the outdoors, the need to defy the cold and the wet, the need to perform, the need to protect.

If you think about it, in the outdoors the “Achilles heel” is in fact an Achilles; foot, head, ear, finger, or toe and this is where we are vulnerable, this is where we need protection.

This necessity created Sealskinz, the first laminated sock, keeping wet out and warmth in, Sealskinz three-layer patented sock broke the mould, Hats and gloves followed using the same technology.

An Endurance Accessories brand was born and Britain welcomed a new combatant into its obsessive war with the weather. More than a company, Sealskinz is a collection of talents bound by a single obsession. “Whatever the weather, whatever the activity, our purpose is to enable you to go further, go longer, leave first and return last.”

At Sealskinz® we have over thirty years' experience in developing and manufacturing endurance accessories. From our conception we’ve worked in partnership with some of the world’s greatest athletes including mountaineers, explorers, cyclists, skiers, runners, sailors, horse riders & all forms of mad ultra-event teams and individuals, to ensure our products deliver the very best in comfort and performance, to enable you (and all the other Sealskinz wearers) to defy the great outdoors.


How the concept was born

While we’ve been involved with leading, innovative technologies for many years, it was a little over thirty years ago when one of our co-workers discovered some fascinating information that gave us our initial thoughts on performance waterproof socks. While carrying out a research project on original breathable waterproof technologies, our leading technologist came across details from one of the world's most innovative pioneers, John Logie Baird, the inventor of television.

John Logie Baird suffered from very poor circulation resulting in his extremities getting incredibly cold in the winter months. This limited his time spent in the outdoors to the warmer months. Being a Scotsman, John Logie Baird’s time in the beautiful Scottish highlands was severely restricted. Baird was soon at work developing a two layered sock, the outer and inner of which were made from cotton, with the inner being impregnated with borax*. The borax ensured moisture, generated from the foot, was quickly wicked away, keeping the feet warm, dry and comfortable.

Like JLB our co-worker also suffered from poor circulation and could readily see the freedom Baird’s simple innovative idea brought him in terms of getting out into the hills, irrelevant of the season. Like any outdoor enthusiast our colleague wanted to be first on the hill and last back. Soon our lab was a hive of activity. Because of our leading technologies and manufacturing processes, we were able to take JLB’s basic concept and develop it into what it is today, cutting edge products providing the user with the very best comfort and performance with a very long life expectancy.

1914 John Logie Baird invents a waterproof sock to minimise trench foot for the troops in the Great War. He makes his fortune, retires to the Caribbean and invents TV.
1996 The ORIGINAL close fitting, waterproof sock by Sealskinz... was dreamt up whilst watching TV about John Logie Baird!
1999 Patent filed for unique production process, initially Porelle Drys and the range grows to three styles of sock. Sealskinz launched in the UK & Europe.
2001 Waterproof, close fitting, knitted gloves are introduced.
2002 Sales of socks exceed 10,000 pairs.
2004 We attend our first trade show and realise just how high we need to climb. We launch our first range of gloves.
2006 We now have products in over 100 stores in the UK
2007 After a management buyout, Sealskinz becomes a privately owned company with 28 staff and a lot of ambition.
2008 We introduce additional waterproof gloves and hats into our range, so that it now numbers 22 different styles. We move to our new factory.

Sealskinz is now available in over 1,000 stores in the UK and we're developing international markets. We have 45 staff and sell over 150,000 pairs of socks in a year.

Ben Fogle and James Cracknell use Sealskinz in their South Pole expedition training.

We supply Volvo Telefonica for the Round the World Yacht Race and Colnago Pro-Cycling Team.

2010 We introduce premium performance gloves for outdoor, cycling and equestrian markets.

Now employing over 75 staff and operating directly out of the UK with offices in Germany and the US, and distribution into a further 38 countries, Sealskinz is growing.

The rebrand will help us further develop this growth and we have big plans for the next 5 years.




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