Trail Running with Sealskinz

Trail Running with Sealskinz


We are passionate about trail running at Sealskinz, and have really enjoyed watching the sport build nothing short of a cult following in recent years. Dramatic, mixed-terrain landscapes have garnered enthusiasts, with fresh air and monumental scenery profoundly impacting mental wellbeing.

We are relentless in the development, testing and refinement of our trail running gear, with our own experience of the sport heavily influencing our product output.

This week we explore some of the most asked questions around trail running and  identify the best Sealskinz products in the process.


 What should I wear trail running?


Trail running encompasses a wide array of terrains, altitudes and environments. The best trail running gear is waterproof and thermoregulating, helping the wearer adapt to a range of climates. Today, Sealskinz apparel is used by military personnel, athletes and adventurers.

Purpose-built trail running socks are essential in the sport. Our socks are constructed with all forms of trail running in mind. The Nordelph is a true Sealskinz staple, providing ultimate protection in humid, wet climates. Most Sealskinz trail running socks employ an Aquasealz ™ hydrophilic membrane, providing complete waterproofness and breathability. The Worstead is Sealskinz’s recommendation for colder trail routes. Waterproof and thermoregulating, the Worstead is knee length, assisting vital blood circulation. Trail runners are often drawn to longer socks, owing to added warmth and increased compression.

A trail running hat is another go-to. A good trail running hat is waterproof, breathable and UV protective. The Sealskinz Salle Cap has long been championed by professional trail runners. A light, packable cap made in a UV protective soft brushed nylon fabric, the Salle offers unmatched durability in the most abrasive of conditions. A camouflage colourway and foldable peak highlight the Salle’s truly technical outlook.


Is waterproof clothing important when trail running?


Waterproof clothing and accessories are essential when trail running. While Gore-Tex is a household name, many different technological waterproof materials exist. After years of product development and testing, we believe in the superiority of the Aquasealz™ hydrophilic membrane. Waterproof and thermoregulating, Aquasealz™ marries waterproofness with breathability. The three-layer Aquasealz ™ composition used in so many waterproof Sealskinz products required years of testing and refinement. Today, we are proud to offer some of the best trail running products on the market.



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