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  • Are Sealskinz products made of seals?

    No. Our brand name was created many years ago to demonstrate the best protection qualities of a seal – 100% waterproof. There is no other connection with seals but we do use other animal derived products like Merino wool and leather.

  • How can Sealskinz products be both waterproof and breathable?

    The waterproof, breathable material we use is a hydrophilic membrane. It’s a thin but solid, flexible layer which does not allow water droplets to pass through, making it totally waterproof. The membrane ‘breathes’ by allowing water molecules to pass. These water molecules are driven through the membrane because of the higher temperature and humidity inside the sock, glove or hat compared to the outside. This process is also known as osmosis.

  • How waterproof are Sealskinz products?

    Waterproof fabrics and garments are generally tested to withstand a certain level of ‘hydrostatic head’. Our membranes are tested to withstand a column of water (hydrostatic head) >10,000mm. (BS3424: Part 26; Method 29A: 1990)

  • Are Sealskinz products guaranteed waterproof?

    We guarantee all our products to be 100% waterproof when produced. Should you have a problem with a Sealskinz product, please return it to us and we will put it back through our testing procedures. If there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace the item.

  • How breathable are Sealskinz products?

    We specify a minimum W.V.P (Water Vapour Permeability index) of 65% for all our patented socks and gloves (BS7209: 1990).

  • Do Sealskinz products need any special waterproofing treatment?

    No. The membrane is a permanent waterproof barrier. There is no need to treat or re-proof it in order to maintain or restore waterproofness.

  • Are Sealskinz waterproof products also windproof?

    Yes. The membrane is windproof as well as being waterproof. Did you know they also provide a barrier to dust and fine sand in dry regions and our socks are regularly used by the military in hot, dry, deployments.

  • How do I wash and dry Sealskinz products?

    Pretty much like you do normal socks! Always refer to the care instructions on the individual products. However, a good tip is to turn the socks inside out when drying them, as the wool lining takes longer to dry than the nylon outer. Ensure they are not exposed to excessive heat like laying on a radiator too.

  • Can the Sealskinz membrane be damaged?

    As the socks contain a waterproof membrane, always wear them with appropriate footwear. Avoid standing on stones and sharp objects that could puncture it. With gloves, avoid thorns and other very sharp objects that could also puncture the membrane.

  • Do Sealskinz socks or gloves ever let water in?

    This can happen in extreme conditions if water runs into the top of a sock or into the wrist of a glove. To reduce this, many people will wear their trousers or leggings over the socks. With gloves, tuck the cuff under the wrist of the jacket to prevent water running into the glove.

  • Can I wear Sealskinz socks in wetsuit boots?

    We recommend not using Sealskinz socks under wetsuit boots as the waterproof construction may insulate the foot from the warm water layer between the skin and the neoprene required for the function of the wetsuit.

  • Will my feet feel sweaty in Sealskinz socks?

    No, they shouldn’t. The membrane is ‘breathable’ and the inner lining ‘wicks’ moisture and sweat away from the skin. The moisture then passes through the membrane, keeping your feet dry and avoiding any clammy feeling.

  • Will Sealskinz socks, gloves and hats keep me warm?

    Yes. The 3-layer system used in our socks is inherently warmer than a traditional non-waterproof sock and the membrane is windproof as well as waterproof. Of course the biggest factor is keeping dry as you will feel considerably warmer when your feet, hands and head are dry!

  • How do Sealskinz socks reduce blisters?

    Blisters are formed because of excessive friction on the skin. Wet skin, being softer than dry skin, is far more susceptible to blistering. Our socks reduce the chance of blistering by keeping your feet dry. The patented 3-layer system also absorbs movement between the shoe and the skin, further reducing blisters.

  • How long will Sealskinz socks last?

    As with other items of quality outdoor clothing, if cared for in the right way, our products can last for several years depending on how often they are worn. The nylon outer is harder wearing than a typical walking sock and they will last just as long, if not even longer.

  • I'm between shoe sizes, what size Sealskinz sock should i buy?

    Our socks come in Small (UK shoe size 3-5), Medium (6-8), Large (9-11) and Extra Large (12-14). If you are between sizes, we recommend going up a sock size, i.e. if you are a shoe size 8½, buy a ‘Large’ size sock.

  • Do I need to wear liner socks or gloves?

    Sealskinz waterproof socks and gloves are designed to be worn directly next to the skin with no liners. However, if you do need an extra layer for warmth, our liner socks and gloves are perfect. Made with Merino wool, they are both warm and have excellent wicking properties – a must for any liner. Of course, the liner gloves and socks are also great when worn by themselves.

  • What is the fit of Sealskinz socks like?

    The close-fitting nature of our socks means they fit comfortably, just like a normal sock in your shoes. The 3-layer construction also helps prevent friction and blisters.

  • What is the lowest temperature that I can wear Sealskinz gloves at?

    It’s difficult to say as everyone feels the cold in a different way. It will also depend on the activity and the weather conditions but our products can be worn in conditions ranging from summer warmth, through to extreme cold. The thermal rating system is our own guidance to the relative warmth of different hats, gloves and socks – the higher the thermal rating, the colder the weather condition the product can be used in.

  • Do nano treated products require additional maintenance?

    To ensure the longevity of your nano treated product it is advised to wash at a maximum temperature of 30'c and tumble dry on a cool setting for a maximum time of five minutes, this will help to reactivate the nano treatment to its optimal performance level.

  • How do I work out my glove size?

    To ensure you purchase the perfect fit glove for you, Measure your dominant hand with a tape measure around the knuckles in inches (your left if left handed and right if you are right handed). The size that you measure in inches, is your glove size, so if you measure 9 inches, you will need a medium glove. Please remember that if the gloves are too tight on your hands they may make your hands feel cold, so if in doubt go up a size!


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