Night Running: Tips, Tricks, & Safety Advice

Night Running: Tips, Tricks, & Safety Advice

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Whether night running is your cup of tea or the only time you can squeeze it in, we’ve got everything you need to know about running when it’s dark outside. 

Seasons change and that oh so fun time when it’s either darker in the morning or darker in the evening can creep up on you. Make sure you’re prepared with the kit you need to stay safe, stay seen, and stay on you run.   

Should I run at night?

Running at night isn’t something you should avoid, but rather, something you should be prepared for. You’ll want to consider if you’re running on a well lit street or a darker trail and plan accordingly.

Even if you start out during daylight hours, things can change fast, so having the kit you need is important. If you’re running with a lightweight backpack or hip pack, you can always keep extra gear with you so that you aren’t caught off guard. 

Ultra Grip Glove

What to wear when running at night

Hopefully the obvious takeaway here is that you want to be safe and seen when running at night. Reflective details on your shorts, trousers, shirt and jacket are all very important. When you wear clothing with reflective details, you will be illuminated by oncoming traffic lights, bike lights, or street lights making you much more visible to passerybyers. 

Also think about staying away from dark colours. Try to wear brighter colours or colour blocked clothing to highlight yourself. Remember, even at dusk when there is still light in the sky, it can get hard to see. You want to make sure that you are visible to everyone so paying attention to your clothing is super important. 

Headlamps or hats with LED lights are also necessities when it comes to nighttime running. There are even hats with reflective detailing that can add to your visibility. Not only will headlamps and LEDs keep you illuminated, they’ll also provide you with some light for the road or trail ahead. 

Other places where reflective detailing comes in handy are on your shoes and even gloves if you’re running in the colder months. 

LED Beanie

Benefits of running at night

Running at night can be quite exhilarating. The nighttime sky and the peaceful vibe of a quieter time of day are just a couple of reasons whilst running at night can be incredible. 

Maybe the only time of day that you can run is during the evening or early morning. If that’s the case and you are dedicating yourself to finding a time to run no matter what, the health benefits of not skipping your exercise routine are immense. Lower stress, improved cardiovascular health, and increased muscle strength are just a few reasons why running, no matter what time of day, is a great way to boost your health. 

Does running at night help lose weight?

Like with any form of exercise, running at night (or really running in general) can help you lose weight. However, it’s all about the balance. So whilst running at night can help you burn calories and therefore lose weight, without a balanced diet, you will not see the results as you might expect. 

Always think of exercise and diet as the perfect pair. Keeping an eye on your calorie in take can help you see results faster from your running efforts. 

Our top 5 running at night safety tips

As we’ve mentioned multiple times in this article, running at night is amazing, but safety is paramount. Here are our top five running at nigh safety tips. 

  1. Wear reflective and bright clothing - Reflective detailing and bright colors (neon yellow for example) help you stay safe and stay seen when running at night
  2. Incorporate LEDs into your kit - A headlamp or LED hat keep you aware of what’s in front of you while also staying visible to those on the road or trail
  3. Carry a safety whistle - Small, lightweight, and effective, this whistle will help if you are in trouble or need to call for help
  4. Tell someone - Make sure if you’re going out running alone at night, that someone knows where you’re going and what route you’ll be taking. This is a good tip for any solo activity out in nature, but especially helpful when it’s dark out. 
  5. Pepper spray - The chance of needing this is very unlikely, but extremely helpful if you do end up needing to protect yourself. Running at night is a great way to exercise, but it also makes you more vulnerable, so stashing a small mace or pepper spray in your pocket, pack, or belt will give you a peace of mind.

LED Beanie

So there you have it, the complete guide to running at night. At SealSkinz, we have accessories to help you run comfortably any time of day. Whether you’re trail running, road running, daytime or night time running, the benefits you’ll find from getting out in nature and moving your body will be amazing.

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