The Sealskinz Guide to Hunting Gloves

The Sealskinz Guide to Hunting Gloves

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Every hunter knows that the right gear can make or break a good hunt. Whilst you want to stay warm, dry, and comfortable, you also want to balance that with being on the ready. 

The good news is, you can still have it all when searching for the perfect hunting gloves. Let’s take a look at what to look for when hunting for your perfect accessories. We couldn’t help ourselves with that hunting pun.

Why wear gloves for hunting?

All weather hunting glove

Oftentimes, hunting season is met with colder temperatures, rainy or misty weather, damp conditions, and overall a more transient type of weather. And, since hunting can take place over many hours and days, you do not want to be stuck with kit that doesn’t perform. 

Wet and cold hands in the outdoors can lead to all sorts of not-so-good problems including numbness, cold, and even frostbite. Taking all of this into consideration can make for a much better experience in the blind, in the field, or on the water.

What are the best hunting gloves for cold weather?

The best hunting gloves for colder weather take into consideration temperature of course, but also, they should be waterproof and breathable. Cold can mean a lot of things. Cold rain, cold snow, cold winds - and you don’t want to account for just one weather condition. 

Additionally, you’ll want a glove that is constructed well so you have no risk of liner pullout or slippage. This could cause delayed reaction times and diminished grip and control. 

You can also look for a glove that has a fold-back finger or fingers. This can come in a glove style or a mitt style but the benefit of this is that you can stay warm but also quickly take action while on the hunt.  

Waterproof hunting gloves are an incredible accessory to take with you on any hunting excursion. Not only are they warm, but they really are 100% waterproof. This means they can handle rain, mud, and water while keeping you dry. The ideal companion to your hunting kit. 

What are the warmest gloves for hunting?

Depending on the hunting season, warmth can be of the upmost importance. Finding a hunting glove that boasts both cold weather protection, as well as the added details key to a successful hunt can be daunting. 

Look for a glove like our Cold Weather Convertible Mitt that is not only insulated and warm, but has a fold back mitt design held with magnets to give you dexterity and precision when you need it the most. 

Waterproof Convertible Mitt

Another option for cold weather hunting is to use a baselayer glove such as a merino fingerless liner. A great alternative when you need a layering system that also provides warmth and dexterity.

Overall, being prepared is the number one thing to think about when going out on a hunt. And, doing the work to research the best hunting gloves can really make or break your adventure. 

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