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The Best Hats for Running

Your choice of hat can play an integral role in how your run goes. Whether you’re out on a casual jog, training for a race, or a true beginner - what you wear can go a long way. And hats are no exception. Read on to find our recommendations for the best running hats to keep you safe, protected, and comfortable. 

Best running hats

Running Hat

The best all-around hat for running is one that will keep the sun and rain out of your eyes, is breathable, and bonus points if it’s waterproof. Nothing worse than running in the rain and feeling completely soaked. And whilst you may pay more attention to wearing waterproof clothing like a jacket or trousers, your accessories are just as important. 

You can’t go wrong with a cap like our Waterproof All Weather Cap. It’s 100% waterproof, equally as windproof, and it is ideal for all temperatures. The perfect running cap for spring, summer, or autumn. And, being a waterproof running hat is just a bonus because you don’t have to only wear it when it rains. With its traditional ballcap style, it’s a hat that easily transitions from running to running errands. 

Additionally, the waterproof all weather cap is highly breathable. It allows sweat vapour to exit the hat through the waterproof membrane which keeps you dry from the inside and outside. 

Why do you need a waterproof running hat

Running Hat

A waterproof running cap is ideal for not only rainy runs. It’s also quite beneficial on colder and more temperate weather runs. Why? Because when we say waterproof, we also mean waterproof from snow. So if you’ve got some flurries in the forecast, a good waterproof cap can make all the difference during your winter or cold-weather runs.

If you’re in a colder climate and need even more protection, a cap like our Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Cap is an ideal choice for keeping you extra warm and protected. With a fleece liner and ear flaps, this cap can withstand blustery weather and won’t allow for any weather-related excuses to get your run in. 

Autumn and winter running can also bring about evenings that grow darker earlier. Running in the dark is made much easier if you use a warm high-visibility hat to keep you safe and seen. Looks for something with LED lights or reflective properties so that you can rest easy when out on a darker run.

Why is a breathable running cap so important?

We talk about why a waterproof cap is so important, but why is a breathable cap equally as important when running? Well, if you have a hat that doesn’t breathe, you could be stuck with moisture inside your hat that can leave you feeling cold and clammy. This could lead to all sorts of not-so-great things when you’re outdoors in the cold. 

When you have a breathable hat, moisture in the form of sweat vapour leaves the hat through tiny pores in the inner membrane. This keeps you dry and allows your body to regulate its temperature and stay comfortable. Sealskinz waterproof hats are designed to offer weather-proof protection as well as act as an incredibly breathable accessory. We might even go as far to say they’re the perfect hats for any outdoor adventure.

Allison Capaldi